About Well Services Group (WSG)

WSG has a wealth of experience in well intervention, construction support, process services, pipeline & delivery services, and an extensive history of successful LNG projects.

WSG has an extensive track record within LNG construction projects and terminal turnaround events. Services as tailored specifically towards enhancing the quality and efficiency of the pre-commissioning and commissioning phases of LNG construction projects. Backed by industry leading innovations that provide clients with time savings in terms of turnaround events, WSG is a major asset to the KTSG group.

List of Services:

Flange Management / Bolt tensioning & Torquing

Onsite machining

Lube oil flushing

Chemical cleaning / Degreasing

Hydrotesting / Pneumatic Testing

Nitrogen Purging / Nitrogen Helium leak detection

Piping / System cleanliness (BIC, flushing, HP / UHP jetting, drying)

Camera Inspection

Valve / PSV management repair & testing

Pipeline cleaning, pigging and testing

LNG tank drying/testing/cool down


LNG accelerated cooldown

Asset Integrity Management Software (AIM)

Turnaround Support