KTSG benefits immensely from the diversity of its team. The differences in experiences, backgrounds and thought processes of our team members is what sets us aside from our competitors. We encourage fun and open-minded thinking; all work and no play makes for dull, repetitive, and predictable ideas. Indirectly, yet intrinsically linked to our one team, family first culture is the positive effect on our safety performance. With a team that genuinely looks out for each other KTSG has created a culture of care that is embraced from the field to the boardroom. This culture extends into the communities in which we work and the lives we impact in our daily interactions.

Every team member has a voice, we motivate team members to speak up if they have a constructive suggestion and most importantly, we encourage and practice active listening to throughout our entire organisation. As a result, our personnel are highly engaged, motivated, productive and enjoy what they do. The benefit to KTSG is immense and is the very foundation of our success.